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Hi everyone,

Our QuacK group has had a discord group for a while now, but we've decided to open it up to anyone that might want to join. We talk about speeds, there are specific tutorials for some rounds on this server (more are to be developed) and we talk about anything related to the game itself (of course we also admit off-topic)
The tutorials look something like this one, a tutorial for the duplas round:
All of these tutorials exist in portuguese and in english, just like every other important thing on the server.

The discord server doesn't have as an objective playing only rounds on the pt server, so thats why I invite you to join us, assuming you care about speed rounds at all. There are people from all around the world and you can meet people to play with in different servers. The objective is to have an active speeds community and to keep it active, since as a player it's hard to do much more than that to help keep the game active, and we also want to help newer players become better, thats why we have a lot of videos, sometimes i stream and post the link there, there is a lot of good content and worth it for people who want to get started on speed rounds, but there is also good competition if you wish to practise and become better (the objective isn't for everyone in the group to be playing together)

Of course, it's not an official discord, but everyone's welcome to join us.
Due to the forum's rules I can't post an invitelink here, but you can contact me via forum messages or via discord and ill send it to you, my discord name is