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I wish everyone a wonderful good day here in the forum.

I've also started a small project once after DS Real went down, which I found best.

The project is called TW Organizer and has focused on perfect timing.

There are 3 basic tools.:

  1. Attackplanner
  2. Retimeplanner
  3. Snipeplanner
1. The Attackplanner

  • Single attack: There shouldn't be much to explain, enter the coordinates of the attacker and defender village, choose the slowest troop, determine the arrival time and plan the attack.
  • Mass attack: Here you can fill in a list of def and off villages, then select the slowest unit and determine the time, and the attacks will be entered in the attack planner.

2. The Retimeplanner

With the retime planner you can simply use the "SOS function" and enter incoming attacks in the retime planner.
In addition, you need coordinates of villages that could run a retime.
Now it is specified with which term or duration you want to retiming and the planner spits out all options for retiming.

3. The Snipeplanner

This planner is particularly useful in the initial phase of the worlds.

Who does not know it, a nobleman is sent off and you know exactly that nobility story and / or offs have to be timed or even pre-timed the same second.
This planner calculates all possible timings of the enemy tribe and compares them with their own tribe.

For example, if a nobleman arrives at 11:00:00, the planner calculates the second at which the attacks would have to be sent in order to arrive at 11:00:00.
Now you get a list of attacks that you can send out so that these attacks can no longer be timed to the same second.

This planner can also be used for larger worlds, but you may get over millions of options, but only the closest 100 are calculated.

If you have any questions, problems, or errors, just contact me in the forum or via the feedback function.
I'm constantly improving things and expanding them for more servers, but I need some feedback :)

Kind regards and have fun with it,

coDex ;)

German Originalthread
translated with google translator.