What do you do?

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  1. pikkus14

    pikkus14 Guest

    Well I've got to say that you speak (or at least write) very well for your age ;)
  2. Rafita King

    Rafita King <span style="font-weight:bold;color: green;"><b>CH

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    2. Mar 2009
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    I haven't found any mistake.
    A question: You've said that you're an older user from Brazilian forum version.
    What's your nickname there?
  3. -Rodrigon-

    -Rodrigon- Guest

    Thanks :)

    Rodrigoneplegal... :eek:
  4. rogerio58

    rogerio58 Membro

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    9. Set 2009
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    I Am a student

    Yes I speak english

    I Born in 1996
  5. Sky Linx

    Sky Linx Membro

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    14. Nov 2009
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    I'm a student

    Yes I speak english

    I Born in 1988

    I study sports journalism :)
  6. izanagi

    izanagi BLOQUEADO(A)

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    26. Fev 2010
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    I am a student too.

    As you can see I speak a little bit of English.

    I was born in April´s 10th of 1989

    And I study informatics

    Also, I work for a little non-profit association in my neighbourhood.
  7. King Ricardo

    King Ricardo Guest

    Hi there :D

    Answering you questions, uchitel,

    yes, I'm a pupil(student is for the university "pupils", said my english teacher :p)

    I speak english very, very fluently, because I lived one and a half year in England, but I sometimes make errors in the writing area :S

    I was born in 12th January, 1996

    (I but "was" in bold because some people had forgotten it :p)
  8. Juau

    Juau Membro

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    19. Jan 2010
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    I'm 15 years old, so i was born on 1994. I'm a Science Student and my english is very good. 18 out of 20 this trimester :)
  9. Th3lmuu90

    Th3lmuu90 Guest

    hello all,

    since 2 years ago I left school, so my english isn't so very well since then lol

    I'm not studying but I want to continue 'cause i want a really good job and to work with things I like...

    Now, i'm working in a supermarket, and it is a part-time so it will be usefull if I go study 'cause I will have time to do both things hehehe

    I think i will participate more in this forum cause i don't wanna loose my friendship for this language :p

    Sorry about the many mistakes I did... ;)

    I also have doubts about when we do use at/in/on... :rolleyes:

  10. vajra

    vajra Novo Membro

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    22. Abr 2009
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    i study, well at least i should study:D
    Chemical engineering
  11. Pekenino

    Pekenino Guest

    You should therefore ...
    hmmmm... Chemical engineering...

    Makes an effort to finish ... :p

    I work, study and study and go back to work. :p
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  12. Legalize

    Legalize Membro

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    2. Set 2009
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    I'm a student, but i didnt even like to study, playng Tribal Wars is much more intersting than study for school notes.

    Well, i really dont know if i speak english well or bad, but maybe you should tell me :)

    And yes, i was born in 1995, 20 May 1995, so this means i'm young and almost 15 years old.
  13. Whitewall

    Whitewall Membro

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    1. Jun 2008
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    So many students around here,

    Though i'm one also,

    Going for the Courthouse's. :)

    Edit: Forgot to say i was born in 1991. ^^

    My welcomes to all the foreign players, if not more than that, people who'll play with you will undoubtly learn something new in terms of other languages.. always important :D

    Cya all \o
  14. Bzinho

    Bzinho Membro

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    22. Jun 2009
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    What do i do ?
    I'm a student.

    When i was born ?
    1994 ( you don't need to know moore ;) )

    Do i speak English ?
    I'm not pretty shure, but i think i may talk a little bit :p
  15. G o d r i c

    G o d r i c Guest

    I am a Student

    I speak a little bit of English

    I was born in 1991.
  16. uJ - ikytipek **

    uJ - ikytipek ** BLOQUEADO(A)

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    8. Set 2010
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    no student.

    i was born 1994.

    and i love tribal wars in internet....
  17. CarlosRiv

    CarlosRiv Novo Membro

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    12. Ago 2019
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    I'm Brazilian and I came to this forum today, but I'm an old user from the Brazilian version forum. I would like to baixar videos do vimeo free. I am learning english rigth now
  18. -NS-

    -NS- Membro Ativo

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    25. Jul 2014
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    I will tell you a secret. Here in Portugal we speak Portuguese too, btw you just speak Portuguese because we colonize ur country.